The Benefits of Having Educational Apps On Your Android Phones

iStock 000012204715XSmall The Benefits of Having Educational Apps On Your Android Phones Having an Android phone nowadays and maximizing its full potential is just one of the great benefits of having this powerful platform in mobile technology. Aside from downloading the essential apps, games, music and videos to amuse a childs creativity, another useful factor that can greatly contribute to a childs sensible character and mind development is to download educational apps which will not only educate but help mold their character, values, integrity and good behavior. Game apps may keep their mind preoccupied but it does not teach a child proper education and traditional values.

Kids Games Under 5 – Tips to Engage Your Child in Reading

iStock 000013958964XSmall Kids Games Under 5   Tips to Engage Your Child in ReadingIn the past few decades as people start to live busier and busier lives and incorporate more and more technology into their existence, a concept that has been to a degree lost by society is the idea of storytelling. merges technology and the world’s oldest tradition together to provide a wholesome environment with which to become your own storyteller to your children. At any place in any time.

Storytelling allows children to form ideas about such abstract concepts as moral responsibility, gender roles, heroic attributes, teamwork, value of the elderly and those attributes which are to be avoided. But we certainly know that finding time to incorporate these stories traditionally can be difficult.

Lets Turn Our Kids Online Sessions Into Great Learning Opportunities!

Fun and Cool Games Lets Turn Our Kids Online Sessions Into Great Learning Opportunities!Are you worried about your kids and how much time they spend online  looking for fun and cool games? Do you think they are wasting their time? Don’t be…what we, as adults must understand that times change. It is no longer a common thing to put a pen to paper, everything is done online and it much rarer to sit down as a family and play a traditional family board game. Don’t dismay, you’re not alone, many parents are sitting at home like us trying to figure out how to get our kids outside and play more instead of sitting in a zombie like way in front of the screen.

Digital Media: A Positive Way To Learn

iStock 000011956376XSmall Digital Media: A Positive Way To LearnThere are millions of apps available on the market for kids. The top rated educational apps are geared towards children. Although concept based many of these are fun apps which are easy to navigate and are as entertaining and engaging as they are educational. In addition to supplying a wide range of information many apps can be found which teach reading and phonetic skills or just supply reading for pleasure.There are a number of parents who confess to using digital media to keep children contained in one area while they carry out necessary tasks. They basically give them something to play with so that they won’t disturb them while working. Obviously, there are both positive and negative aspects of digital media and its use by children.

Why cool games and apps for learning causes some to flinch, others to jump in joy

iStock 000012997415XSmall Why cool games and apps for learning causes some to flinch, others to jump in joy
Can Cool games promote learning from apps

The notion of using cool games and apps for learning causes some to flinch, others to jump in joy, and many to ask questions about this way of learning. These questions often come from parents and organizations that are considering delving into the world of learning games but don’t know if this is advisable or don’t know where to start. The commercial games market is rapidly growing and diversifying and provides good fun and good learning. As there are many applications of cool games related (more or less) to learning games, moving forward in a positive direction in this rapidly growing domain of digital media.

Mastering Literacy with Free Reading Apps!

There are many free apps available on the internet for teaching and reading activities and supplements. These free apps provide lessons and games which are designed with brilliant graphics and accompanying sounds. Digital media has emerged as a potential market and being used more and more as an enhancement to classroom and one-on-one learning. They are becoming more popular with parents who prefer to use them at home or on the go with their kids to reinforce concepts learnt in school.


Nursery Children Stories And Games Online

Nursery Children Stories And Games Online 300x199 Nursery Children Stories And Games OnlineAs young as 5, kids have an active mindset that is ready to explore new things in the world. The most interesting part will be when they discover these things on their own. Even though they are aggressive about going out and discovering new tricks, parents should not leave them to do it on their own but provide them with a guideline. This can be best achieved by exposing this children to online stories about the events that surround a childs life. This could be: bedtime stories, funny stories, stories of schools, jungle tales, long stories and stories about friendship that are meant to inspire creativity and thinking, trigger imaginations or even give fun to the children as they read them. Here are some of the things to consider in choosing children stories.

Nursery Stories with pictures


Nursery Stories with pictures 200x300 Nursery Stories with picturesReading is fun. It is a fun and exciting way of acquiring knowledge and information while having a great time using your imagination. It is an essential skill that needs to be developed and nourished at an early age. Teaching children at an early age is great because they get to learn new things, expand their knowledge, and develop their grammar and vocabulary.

The Benefits of Reading and Science Game Apps for Kids

science math games 300x208 The Benefits of Reading and Science Game Apps for KidsLearning can be a fun activity with kids if the use of android phones is incorporated in their studying and reading time. There are lots of educational reading apps online that can help a child develop good learning skills at a very young age. Aside from reading, there are also science games for kids that can be downloaded online and enjoyed in your android phones. Reading stories along with your kids will strengthen the bond as a family and help build their comprehension skills while solving challenging math and science game apps together can make the child understand science – math problem solving skills more advanced than any other kids.

Getting the child exposed early to the love of reading with the help of android apps develops the child’s imagination and creativity at a very early stage. Reading along with them the various online books on iStoryBooks not only helps enrich their minds but you also get to spend quality leisure time with them. It also enriches their word vocabulary and better appreciation of the language skills. The colorful graphic attracts their interest to read more and finish every classic stories which has a great moral lesson to teach kids. The large font text and crisp audio motivates the child to read even more and explore every new book which is published every two weeks.